Kentucky Kick Down
Kentucky Kick Down
Kentucky Kick Down
Kentucky Kick Down

About The Kentucky Kick Down Motorcycle Show

Kickdown stems from the Louisville Vintage Motorworks group - a group of primarily vintage motorcyclists centered in Louisville, Kentucky but including members from all over the country. The festival was founded on the same principles as the group - to gather like-minded, two-wheeled enthusiasts, for a down home, southern-charming, hospitable celebration of motorcycle culture. All are welcome is the motto. And we strive to welcome all kinds of folks and bikes to kick back and join us each fall.
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See what others are saying...

"In a region better known for bourbon than streetbikes, Louisville's annual celebration of custom motorcycles has become a genuine two-wheeled destination."
– Cafe Racer Magazine

"...I made a special trip to be back for this, and I'm glad I came. These guys (hosts) are just creative guys, it doesn't matter what you ride or what they have, it's all accepted. And it shows - with all the different models and different personalities ridin it. I'm all for this stuff."
– Kevin Bean're

"The guys behind the show put in a genuine effort to create a motorcycle event that draws the kind of people who appreciate unique bikes and motorcycle-related nostalgia. There's an anti-pretentious mood in the air; no one taking themselves too seriously. Most bikes, if not all, look ready to fire up and ride away."
– Goodspark Garage

"The one thing it all has in common is it is all COOL! I haven't seen this much cool stuff to look out in quite a long time. I wanted to get the word out for next year so more people can make arrangements to check it out."
– Cycle Source

Kentucky Kick Down

September 20-22nd, 2019, Louisville, KY

Louisville Turners, 3125 River Road
Email:  Tel: 502-435-0429

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